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F-Stop Watch – Is It A Quarter Past 2.8 Already?

F-Stop Watch (Image courtesy UncommonGoods)
By Andrew Liszewski

Last week it was the lens ring bracelets and this week we bring you another photography-themed wrist adornment with this F-Stop watch. It doesn’t do anything particularly clever, besides sporting an aperture inspired face with the regular 1-12 hours replaced with just f-stop increments. Kind of like an inside joke that more people know about now with the advent of consumer-friendly DSLRs. $36 available from Uncommon Goods, though it’s currently out of stock.

[ F-Stop Watch ]

  • Trevor Alder

    this seems half-assed to me. if you were really into photography, you'd want a watch that had the numerical positions at power of 2 increments, as is proportional to the light coming through the aperture.