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Oven Mitt Apron Might Help Reduce Your Thanksgiving Day Frustrations

Oven Mitt Apron (Image courtesy Uncommon Goods)
By Andrew Liszewski

This one’s for all of you stuck in the kitchen today. Even if you love cooking, dealing with a houseful of guests and juggling a smorgasbord of dishes can get tiring, so avoid the frustrations of trying to find those oven mitts, which have a knack for disappearing just when the pumpkin pie is about to burn, with this clever apron which features a built-in set. Made of cotton twill the apron also ensures that only the person wearing it will be poking around the oven, since we all know that family gatherings seem to bring out the critical cook in everyone. $22 from Uncommon Goods.

[ Oven Mitt Apron ] VIA [ Better Living Through Design ]