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Gel Gem Christmas Lights Are Easy To Install

Gel Gem Christmas Lights Are Easy To Install

Gel Gem Christmas Lights (Image courtesy Solutions)
By Andrew Liszewski

There’s a lot of crap and hard work that comes along with the holidays, so in order to remain in that festive spirit you need to cut corners wherever possible. Instead of decorating a tree I usually just leave my ornaments organized by color in a plastic container in my closet for all my other plastic containers to enjoy (I’m very giving that way) and instead of putting up lights in my windows, I’m switching to these illuminated Gel Gems this year.

I’m sure everyone has seen these Gel Gems things before, they look like flat pieces of Jello that you stick to your windows to celebrate various holidays, and now they come with built-in LED lights. So instead of having to find some way to mount a string of lights around a window frame (which does lead to some level of fun when you break out the old staple gun) you can just stick these directly onto the glass. They’re powered by a small battery pack so you don’t even need to worry about overloading the nearest power outlet, and a set of 6 is available from Solutions for $14.95.

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