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Cricut Cake Prints Deliciousness

Cricut Cake Prints Deliciousness

Cricut Cake (Image courtesy Provo Craft & Novelty)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’ve never seen the original Cricut before, it’s essentially a printer that features a cutting head instead of ink cartridges. So when you feed a piece of paper through, your ‘printed’ design gets cut out of the page. For those who aren’t so hot with an X-Acto knife it’s the perfect craft tool, and as my brother has discovered, it’s completely hackable letting you create any designs you want instead of being limited to the cartridges the company sells.

Well the Cricut Cake is essentially the same thing, except that instead of paper it will cut through soft food materials like frosting sheets, fondant, cookie dough, tortillas, cheese, modeling chocolate and even soft candies. So if you’ve a history of ruining birthdays or other get-togethers with horribly decorated cakes, you can now turn the tide and impress everyone by just hitting print. Of course easy never comes cheap, so the Cricut Cake comes with a $399.99 price tag, though I’m assuming it’s as hackable as the paper version so once again you’re not necessarily limited to the cartridges they sell.

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