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The Jenga Pistol – Everyone’s Thought Of It, This Guy Made One

The Jenga Pistol – Everyone’s Thought Of It, This Guy Made One

Jenga Pistol (Image courtesy Matthias Wandel)
By Andrew Liszewski

Jenga is a popular way to pass the time and stir up some feuds during the holidays with my family, and since it can get really competitive, talk has often turned to creating a device that would take the game to the next level. Well instead of just talking about it, Matthias Wandel created one in the form of this pistol which uses an elastic fired pin to rocket Jenga pieces out of the stack. As you can see in the video below the speed at which it removes pieces is fast enough to pull off some plays you could never do manually, and as to whether it’s a fair way to play, well that probably all depends on whether or not the pistol is shared.

The model pictured above, the version 2, is a refined version of the original Jenga pistol, but Matthias has also created a less complex and easier to build version and you can find the plans and assembly instructions for it on his website if you’re so inclined to build your own.

[ Matthias Wandel – Jenga Pistol v3 ] VIA [ Boing Boing ]