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ThinkGeek’s TannenBomb Ornament Makes The Holidays Even More Annoying

TannenBomb Ornament (Image courtesy ThinkGeek)
By Andrew Liszewski

Even though I love Christmas, at times I find the more commercial aspects of the holidays a little annoying. But I’ll never be annoyed as much as the person who finds themselves gifted with ThinkGeek’s Tannenbomb ($11.99). Hidden inside the silver geek-inspired ornament, which is adorned with traditional Christmas icons like robots and zombies, is one of their annoying sound devices that’s been tweaked to spread holiday cheer.

When hung from the branch of a Christmas tree the weight of the ornament activates the electronicy bits inside, and after a while it will start to randomly emit one of four different sounds including beeping, mosquito buzzing, a Christmas cricket and an Elf giggle. The battery is designed to last for months and when removed from the tree the sounds will automatically stop. So when the Christmas decorations are packed away those mystery sounds will disappear until the holidays roll around again next year.

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