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Harry Potter IR Battling Wands

Harry Potter IR Battling Wands

Harry Potter IR Battling Wands (Image courtesy ThinkGeek)
By Andrew Liszewski

Today marks the beginning of the end for fans of the Harry Potter movies. Starting tonight at midnight in some cities the first half of the final film in the Potter series opens, and I’m sure those in attendance will be all decked out in Hogwarts or Slytherin garb, complete with fake wands. But instead of pretending to blast your friends with spells, these infra-red wands will actually let you have a ‘realistic’ laser tag-like battle so you look about 0.0023% less dorky.

There are four styles of wand to choose from, including Harry’s, Hermione’s, Ron’s and Voldemort’s (that’s right, I typed his name!) and they each feature authentic sound effects from the movies and even light up when a spell is cast. They’re available from ThinkGeek for $22.99 each, and while they probably won’t arrive in time for tonight’s midnight showing, at least you’ll be ready for when part 2 opens next year.

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