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iBlackBoard iPhone Case Concept, Because Nothing Goes Better With Expensive Electronics Than Chalkdust

iBlackBoard iPhone Case Concept (Images courtesy KALOMIX)
By Andrew Liszewski

While we get emails all day long about new product announcements, the majority of them are for cases designed for the iPhone or other iDevices. Like by a longshot. Occasionally a clever or useful design will come along, but most of the time our eyes will just glaze over at the monotony of seeing the same thing again and again. But every once in a while there’s a rare gem that gets us really excited, or leaves us scratching our heads. The iBlackBoard, which is thankfully just a design concept by KALOMIX LIMITED, falls into that latter category.

Now I can see the benefit of being able to quickly jot down notes without even having to unlock the iPhone, or even being able to sketch your own custom case design, but with chalk?! Really? Not only does it mean you have to carry a piece of chalk around, but that dust is going to inevitably find it’s way inside every nook and cranny of your phone. And when that happens please let me know because I’d like to be there the day you try and explain your situation to the Genius at the Apple Store.

[ KALOMIX LIMITED – iBlackBoard iPhone Case Concept ] VIA [ GadgetReview ]

  • ea cpe

    Yeah… not the greatest idea in the world. Maybe if it was a dry erase cover…. :o) Hee hee.