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Yoomi Duo Board Game Uses The iPad As Your Game Board

Yoomi Duo Board Game Uses The iPad As Your Game Board

Yoomi Duo (Images courtesy Toys "R" Us)
By Andrew Liszewski

So you’ll have to forgive me on this one. Even though I’ve done my due diligence and scoured the web for answers, I’m just not entirely sure how one actually plays this new Yoomi Duo game which uses your iPad as the game board. From what I can tell the included accessory attaches to the iPad’s dock port and partly rests on the screen, but how the game plays out and interacts with the iPad is a mystery to me. I’ve only found the game available on the Toys “R” Us ($39.99) website and their product description doesn’t help much either:

Play Yoomi and take turns guessing what each other would choose in this fun-filled family game. DUO reveals your choice on the iPad and collects all winning tokens. To win, guess correctly and be the first player to bank all your tokens!

In fact I can’t even find a Yoomi Duo app in the App Store at the moment, and the makers of the game, Discovery Bay Games, don’t even have it listed on their website. Perhaps this is a case of a peripheral maker jumping the gun before their accompanying app was even approved? I’m not sure, but I’d definitely like to learn more.

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