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EA SPORTS Active NFL Training Camp

EA SPORTS Active NFL Training Camp

EA SPORTS Active NFL Training Camp (Image courtesy EA)
By Andrew Liszewski

Ever dreamed of going through all the training and workouts of an NFL player without the glory of ever actually playing in an NFL game? EA SPORT’s new Active NFL Training Camp game for the Nintendo Wii was developed with the assistance of genuine NFL strength and conditioning coaches so that the 70+ drills designed to improve your strength, balance and agility are as realistic as possible. The game includes a heart rate monitor and a wireless motion tracker that can be strapped to your person to track your progress and your technique, and you can either compete with friends, virtual representations of real NFL stars or other players around the world via EA’s Active online hub where you can post your stats. $99.95 available from EA.

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    The cynical side of me sees EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp as a simple rebranding of an existing product, only existing to sucker football fans into …