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The Tramp & The Sidewalk Bedsheets Make You Feel Like You’re Sleeping On The Street

The Tramp & The Sidewalk Linens (Image courtesy SNURK)
By Andrew Liszewski

This unique set of sheets and bedding, designed by Amsterdam’s SNURK Bedding, is made to look like you’re sleeping on the sidewalk under a cardboard box. But before you get all outraged and indignant about them making light of a serious situation like homelessness, you should be aware that they were specifically designed to promote awareness of the problem, and a large portion of their proceeds are donated to various charities around Europe (depending on where they’re sold) that help homeless youngsters. The cardboard looking sheets and pillow case known as ‘Le Clochard’ or ‘The Tramp’ are ~$68 (€49.95) while the cobble stone-looking fitted sheet known as ‘Le Trottoir’ or ‘The Sidewalk’ is ~$52 (€37.95).

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  • Rob

    Initial reaction – very wrong. But if they are giving money to help the homeless, that sort of makes it worth it. Principle seems exploitative though.