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Breville Personal Pie Maker Could Be The Best Desk Accessory Ever

Breville Personal Pie Maker Could Be The Best Desk Accessory Ever

Breville Personal Pie Maker (Images courtesy Williams-Sonoma)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not here to fuel the debate over what’s the superior dessert, cakes or pies, but let’s just say that pies have taken the lead in my books now that I can whip up a batch in just 8 minutes from the comfort of my office chair. Of course I’m sure the lameo instructions for this Personal Pie Maker will caution against using it anywhere except the kitchen, but that isn’t going to stop me!

It includes a pastry cutter for making the perfect sized pieces of dough to fit the 4-inch molds, and when you close the lid the edges of the pies are automatically crimped and sealed for you. No baking experience required! Their compact size also means the pies can be eaten by hand saving you the mess of having to juggle a plate and fork while trying to fill out your expense report. Available exclusively from Williams-Sonoma for $79.95.

[ Breville Personal Pie Maker ] VIA [ InventorSpot ]

  • ron b

    Now if they only made one that was USB-powered…

  • christmassacre

    Does anyone know where to buy one in The Netherlands? Or anywhere else in Europe that ships to The Netherlands is fine too.

  • Thomas C.

    Oh man. I just got this for Christmas, after a relative saw all of the pie recipes I was blogging. I'm excited to use it for pies, but it seems to me that something like this must also be able to make other things. Omelettes? Cakes? I dunno. But if anyone's got any experience using this to do something aside from pies, please let me know immediately.

    If not sooner.