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Deal Of The Day: $650 Off 73-Inch 3D Ready DLP HDTV

Deal Of The Day: $650 Off 73-Inch 3D Ready DLP HDTV

By David Ponce

Here’s how it goes when it comes to HDTV: large screen – slim profile – affordable; pick two. Most of the TVs we’ve talked about in this column involve slim and affordable, but the largest I’ve personally seen tops out at 55 inches. While some may say that’s plenty (it sort of is, really)… bigger definitely is better… at least in the land of TV. And today’s deal shaves a cool $650 off Mitsubishi’s WD-73C10, a 73 inch behemoth that just happens to sport DLP technology. For a very reasonable $1,449.00 you get full 1080p and 3D capability to boot; it’s just not a dainty ballet dancer let’s just say. So to sweeten the deal, you’re getting a 3D Starter Pack ($400 value) for FREE via mail-in rebate. This starter pack includes an HDMI cable, a 3D Adapter with Remote, two pairs of active 3D glasses and a Disney Blu-ray 3D showcase disc.

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