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Griffin AirCurve Play Acoustic Amplifier For The iPhone 4

Griffin AirCurve Play Acoustic Amplifier For The iPhone 4

Griffin AirCurve Play (Image courtesy Griffin Technology)
By Andrew Liszewski

The iPhone’s built-in speaker has never been one of its strong points, nor has its battery life. So taking both of those issues into consideration Griffin has created yet another non-powered ‘speaker’ for the iPhone 4 with their AirCurve Play. But instead of using electromagnetism and paper cones, the AirCurve features an “internal engineered waveguide” made of polycarbonate plastic that promises to boost the volume of the iPhone 4’s own speaker by +10dB. The iPhone is held securely in place via a rubber gasket with the side buttons and dock port still accessible, and thanks to a built-in kickstand the acoustic amplifying ‘dock’ is able to sit in either a portrait or landscape hands-free orientation. $19.99 available directly from Griffin.

[ Griffin AirCurve Play ] VIA [ Gearlog ]


One response to “Griffin AirCurve Play Acoustic Amplifier For The iPhone 4”

  1. dave1812dave says:

    iphone's speaker is barely audible! For grins, while at the mall a few days ago, i popped into the Apple store to confirm that the 4th gen iphone's speaker is as wimpy as earlier models. It is. that's just ONE of the reasons I'd never buy an iPhone. My BB's speaker is incredibly loud and clear so it's easy to listen to music or carry on a phone convo, using the speakerphone mode. Apple needs to improve it's hardware!!