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Tactile+Plus Adhesives Kind Of Add A Gamepad To Your iPhone

Tactile+Plus Adhesives Kind Of Add A Gamepad To Your iPhone

Tactile+Plus (Image courtesy Nosho-An)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ll admit that I find myself gaming on my iPhone more and more these days, but they’re typically titles that take advantage of its gyro or touchscreen in an interesting way. So far I’ve yet to get into games that try and emulate the use of a traditional controller with on-screen directional pads or joysticks, because I find them difficult to play. But this unique accessory known as the Tactile+Plus could make gaming with on-screen controls a bit more doable.

It adheres to your iPhone or iPod Touch’s screen just like the plethora of screen protectors on the market do, making it easy to remove and/or reposition, but features little raised nubs allowing you to feel for where the on-screen buttons are located. The biggest problem with that kind of control scheme is when your fingers inevitably ‘wander’ off the buttons in the heat of combat or racing, but being able to physically find them without looking (like the nubs on your keyboard’s F & J keys) seems like an easy enough solution. From what I can tell, 2 sets of buttons which each include an 8-way and 4 individual buttons are ~$7.40 (¥600) so it’s a relatively cheap solution too.

[ Nosho-An – Tactile+Plus ] VIA [ Akihabara News ]


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