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FLEXiT Light Is A Tiny Blanket Of LEDs

FLEXiT Light Is A Tiny Blanket Of LEDs

FLEXiT Light (Images courtesy Biss Product Development)
By Andrew Liszewski

In addition to proving my theory that the letter ‘i’ will never be capitalized in a product name again (thank you Apple) the FLEXiT Light, which comes from the same people responsible for the Striker Magnetic Light Mine, is like a little magic carpet of LEDs that can be bent, folded or wrapped into any shape you need. The flat body is made from flexible silicone embedded with 16 Lumen Tech LEDs and what I assume is an inner wire frame allowing it to hold its shape once positioned for hands-free operation. It’s powered by 3xAA batteries which are housed in its ABS base, which also includes a loop for hanging and a pair of neodymium magnets for sticking it to metal surfaces. Available starting November 17 from the Striker Store for $29.99

[ FLEXiT Light ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]


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