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These Wireless LED Christmas Tree Ornaments Don’t Really Seem That Convenient

These Wireless LED Christmas Tree Ornaments Don’t Really Seem That Convenient

Wireless LED Christmas Tree Ornaments (Images courtesy Pro-Idee)
By Andrew Liszewski

Imagine decorating your Christmas tree without having to worry about running wires in a sea of thousands and thousands of prickly pine needles. Seems like a promise that’s too good to be true, and in this case I’m pretty sure it is. These wireless ornaments look like a clever enough idea since you just have to clip them to the end of a branch and adjust the height on the suspension cord as needed. And an included wireless remote lets you collectively turn them on or off from the other side of the room.

But the system kind of falls apart when you consider that you’d have to decorate your entire tree with these wireless ornaments in order for them to be of any benefit. If you still need to string up wired lights in addition, then what’s the point? And not only will a set of 4 cost you about $79 (£48.95) which would end up being incredibly expensive to properly decorate an entire tree, but every single ornament needs its own AA battery. With 150 hours of battery life you could probably squeak through a single holiday season without having to swap them out, but I’m pretty sure this is an idea that’s still waiting for the proper technology before it’s actually practical.

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  • Rob

    Seems somewhat pointless and troublesome. Is it really that hard to keep Christmas tree lights from tangling?