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tizi Mobile Hotspot Serves Up Live TV Instead Of Internet

tizi Mobile Hotspot Serves Up Live TV Instead Of Internet

tizi Mobile TV Hotspot (Image courtesy equinux)
By Andrew Liszewski

Even though it’s roughly the same size as one of the MiFi mobile internet hotspots, the tizi is actually designed to tune in, decode and then stream local live digital television broadcasts to your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone over wifi. Powered by an ARM 9 RISC-Processor and weighing in at just 2.5 ounces the tizi does require you to connect your idevice to its private wireless network in order to watch the stream, so unless you’ve got 3G on board as well, you won’t have internet access while watching your shows.

On a single charge the tizi will run for about 3 1/2 hours, but it charges from a mini USB cable so presumably you can keep it perpetually powered from a laptop, PC or even USB-equipped power adapter if you intend to use it for longer periods at home. Now I know most TV shows are readily available online in one form or another, but sometimes just plunking down and seeing what’s on live TV is a nice way to kill some time, and it doesn’t cost you any bandwidth usage, or require any kind of annoying re-encoding. At around $240 (£149.95) the tizi isn’t super cheap unfortunately, but at least the accompanying application is available as a free download. And it also looks like it’s only available in the UK and other parts of Europe, not North America, which is another kick in the knickers.

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