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Fileus Backupendo! (Or Torrentus Storicus!) Buffalo To Offer Harry Potter Hard Drives

Harry Potter Hard Drives (Images courtesy Akihabara News)
By Andrew Liszewski

Emblazoned with only a minuscule Harry Potter logo, I have to say these external hard drives from Buffalo are rather uninspired given the subject material they had to work with. But, I guess what’s more important in this case is that the drives come pre-loaded with the last 6 Harry Potter films in the Divx format, complete with DRM which means the videos won’t play without a net connection. The drives themselves are rather ho-hum too, with the larger one coming in at 1TB and the portable one at 500GB, and both are expected to be available sometime in November for an undisclosed price. Yawn!

[ Akihabara News – Buffalo to offer Harry Potter HDD ]