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KWID Hourglass Watch Helps Kids Learn Time

KWID Hourglass Watch Helps Kids Learn Time

KWID Hourglass Watch (Images courtesy Baby Sleep Shop)
By Andrew Liszewski

Kids rarely have a good comprehension of time. Like when you tell them it’s still another two hours to grandma’s house, and ten minutes later they’re asking “are we there yet?” So the KWID watch features a unique digital hourglass LCD that provides a more visual and easily understandable representation of just how long a given amount of time really is. So when you tell them they can play outside for five more minutes, they’ll see just exactly how quickly the minutes will disappear.

The KWID watch also has a traditional clock face mode with the time displayed as numbers beneath it helping kids learn how to read the hour and minute hands, and various playful animations that make learning more enjoyable. It’s also ~$37 (£22.95) from Baby Sleep Shop which might actually be a bit on the expensive side given how ‘well’ kids take care of their things.

[ KWID Hourglass Watch ] VIA [ Babyology ]