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Deal Of The Day: Sharp AQUOS 42-inch LED HDTV For $699

Deal Of The Day: Sharp AQUOS 42-inch LED HDTV For $699

By David Ponce

To round off the week, we take a look at the Sharp AQUOS LC-42LE620UT. This is the cute moniker of a 42-inch LED HDTV. And you can now have it for $699. Think about that for a minute. First of all, LED tvs aren’t your regular flat panels. They’re generally much thinner, have better contrast ratios and are much more energy efficient. And when they first hit the market their prices were astronomical. I’d know, I pay a small fortune each month for one and as much as I love it, this sort of deal makes me a little green with envy.

That being said, it’s not too late for you to save 36% ($401) on this panel, which features four HDMI inputs, 6.5ms response time, 120Hz refresh rate and more.

[ Sharp AQUOS 42-inch LED HDTV For $699 ] VIA [ LogicBuy ]

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