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I Hope This Letto Zip Bed Wins Someone The Nobel Prize For Awesomest Invention Ever

I Hope This Letto Zip Bed Wins Someone The Nobel Prize For Awesomest Invention Ever

Letto Zip Bed (Images courtesy Florida)
By Andrew Liszewski

I think we can all agree that no one on Earth likes making their bed. But even with that mutual understanding we all still feel the need to make it look tidy and presentable when friends come to visit. So it’s nice to see that there are designers out there applying their skills to resolving matters like this that really affect humanity.

From Italian-based furniture maker Florida comes this utterly brilliant Letto Zip bed which features a top cocoon-like cover that can be removed at night for sleeping, but easily zipped back on in the morning to hide the disheveled, unmade mess of sheets. Available in white, blue or gray, the bed’s rounded, padded frame definitely gives it a slick not-too-distant-future appearance, particularly when it’s all zipped up. And hopefully Florida will create a similar zip-top camouflage for other products like kitchen sinks, closets, and pretty much entire bathrooms.

[ Letto Zip Bed ] VIA [ Trendir ]

  • So that big pile of sheets/comforter that all concentrates itself in one big mound is going to look good as it pokes through the zip cover? More likely my guests will just think somebody's doing a really bad job of playing hide-and-seek under there.

  • Great now we'll have to make the bed and zip it up.

  • I think I'm gonna get this as soon as possible!! Looks lovely and comfortable!! “Awesome st invention”!!

  • Wanna have it now! Went crazzzzy….

  • This is really unique! Hope of having it soon! Thanks for sharing!

  • ya its looking so cutttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • totally AMAZING!!! Thanks for the detailed instructions.

  • You undoubtedly dug out some of my memories. I remember having the same experience.