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Sony Discontinues The Walkman Cassette Player

Sony Discontinues The Walkman Cassette Player

By Chris Scott Barr

Since I write for a tech news site, I usually try to keep my finger on the pulse of technology news. Naturally, things do slip by me. Case in point: Apparently Sony has continued to produce the Walkman for the last 30 years. Yes, I do mean the actual Walkman, as in the portable cassette tape player. It seems there has still been a demand for them even after all of these years.

The company has continued to produce and sell the devices in Japan, racking up 200 million unit sales over the years. So why is this making headlines now? Well it seems that the company has finally decided to shut down production of the Walkman cassette player line. I guess someone told them about those newfangled MP3 players that are all the rage these days. (Yes, I did just use the phrase “all the rage.”)

Back in July the company produced the final batch of the Walkman cassette players. They are currently being sold throughout Japan, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

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One response to “Sony Discontinues The Walkman Cassette Player”

  1. EspritOuvert says:

    I am as baffled as you to hear that it's taken them until now to discontinue this product…