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Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker – This Isn’t Going To End Well

Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker (Images courtesy Spinmaster Toys)
By Andrew Liszewski

The holidays are a time for splurging, when you can be a bit less worried about your waist line. But I have a bad feeling I’m going to end up on a TLC special if one of these Dairy Queen Blizzard Makers ever crosses the threshold of my home. To be frank it looks like your standard home ice cream maker, and according to comments online there’s actually no mechanism to mix in the toppings which is the whole point of a Blizzard! But that wouldn’t stop me from creating frozen culinary experiments the likes of which DQ’s research labs have ever seen. (No FDA getting in my way!) $34.99 from Toys”R”Us not including ingredients or cold.

[ Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker ] VIA [ I4U News ]