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Blink Now – You Know I Actually Think This Is A Real Product

Blink Now – You Know I Actually Think This Is A Real Product

Blink Now (Image courtesy Devellion Limited)
By Andrew Liszewski

At first I maybe thought this was a well-Photoshopped prank by someone who doesn’t really understand the statute of limitations regarding April Fool’s Day. Then I thought it was maybe something The Onion had cooked up. But by jove I do believe it is a real product. Designed to combat CVS, or computer vision syndrome, which can result from extended computer use, the Blink Now is a small LCD display that sits perched atop your monitor showing a creepy single eye that blinks at random intervals. The idea I guess is to subliminally remind yourself to blink while working on a computer to avoid eye strain.

Alternately, you can simply head over to the BLAZE website and check out the ~$79 (£49.99) pre-order price for this contraption (available mid-November) at which point your eyes should get a healthy Tex Avery-style workout as they pop out of your skull.

Alternately, alternately, just order a pair of these hi-larious novelty electronic blinking eyeballs and laugh yourself free of CVS. (Note: Laughter may or may not cure CVS. Note note: CVS may not actually exist.)

[ Blink Now ] VIA [ Chip Chick ]

  • WeirdHero

    This looks like a Voight-Kampff

  • Christopher

    I suffer from extremely dry eyes–by the end of the day have them stinging and need to drench them with eye drops. I'd welcome any resolution that might aid me to blink more, causing less dryness, and providing me relief…

  • SteveJordan97

    First thing I plug in each morning is my Blink Now! (I use a laptop for work)
    The results are amazing and I would recommend it to anyone.

    I used to suffer from the symptoms of computer vision syndrome (headaches, sore eyes) but after using the Blink Now I can't remember the last time I had any problems!

  • BigBobbyStevenson

    I'd second Steve's comment, I was very sceptical about this product in the first instance but I was VERY impressed with the results!