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Well This Game Looks Like Fun – Enjoy An 8 Minute Video Of An A-10C Warthog Just Being Started In This Simulator

If you like your flight simulators to be as excruciatingly realistic as possible, you might want to check out Eagle Dynamics DCS: A-10C Warthog which will have you spending almost a quarter of an hour just getting the aircraft ready to taxi. The 8 minute video I’ve included above shows the steps needed just to power up an A-10C Warthog in the simulator. There’s still another 7 minutes of video here showing how to set up the flight and navigation systems before you’re even ready to start taxiing the plane to the runway for takeoff.

Now it is mentioned that you have the option to skip all this technical stuff if you’re like 99.99% of the people who will buy this and have never had the chance of piloting the real thing, but I’m sure all this attention to detail will appeal to at least a few office chair combat veterans.

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