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Siren Equipped Padlock Will Make You Anxious About Unlocking It

US Patrol Siren Padlock Alarm (Image courtesy Northern Tool + Equipment)
By Andrew Liszewski

While it’s not mentioned in any of the tech specs, I’m hoping this U.S. Patrol padlock, which features a built-in 110dB motion-triggered alarm, has a small delay before it starts blaring. It’s designed to basically scream bloody murder whenever it’s disturbed to scare off would be tamperers, but hopefully it gives someone with a key enough time to open and disengage the alarm before they’re deafened.

The padlock appears to be powered by 6 x LR44 button type batteries and it can be locked without activating the alarm for use on trailers, gates, bikes, toolboxes or anything that will probably be frequently moved. $19.99 from Northern Tool + Equipment.

[ US Patrol Siren Padlock ] VIA [ GadgetReview ]

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