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Excalibur Billed As The World’s Tallest Climbing Wall

Excalibur Billed As The World’s Tallest Climbing Wall

Bjoeks Excalibur Climbing Wall (Images courtesy Eric Kieboom)
By Andrew Liszewski

Towering over 121 feet in the air (37 meters) and with an overhang of 36 feet (11 meters) the Excalibur at the Klimcentrum Bjoeks (Bjoeks Climb Center) in the town of Groningen, The Netherlands, is considered to be the tallest climbing wall in the world. As long as you don’t take into consideration mountains, cliffs or other man-made structures not specifically designed for climbing. The curved design results in sections that are easy for beginners to tackle, as well as some extremely difficult parts where experienced climbers will literally find themselves hanging.

And the photos of the Excalibur I’ve included were all taken by Flickr user Eric Kieboom who actually used a Canon IXUS 850IS suspended from a kite to grab these most impressive aerial images of the wall.

[ Klimcentrum Bjoeks’ Excalibur Climbing Wall ] VIA [ Damn Cool Pics & Eric Kieboom ]