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Deal Of The Day: $100 Off On The Nokia N8

Deal Of The Day: $100 Off On The Nokia N8

By David Ponce

Nokia’s newest flagship phone, the N8, has a spectacular spec sheet. The most impressive of these is the camera, with 12 glorious megapixels to capture your shots. These shots are focused through a Carl Zeiss lens and mechanical shutter; they are illuminated with a Xenon flash and displayed on a 3.5 inch AMOLED screen. Should you want to output any of the stills you capture, or even any of the 720p videos you record, the phone offers an HDMI ouput. There’s more to this phone, but this isn’t a review. Bottom line is this is Nokia’s best.

And now you can get it for $449 after a $100 coupon. Just follow the links.

[ $100 Off On The Nokia N8 ] VIA [ LogicBuy ]

  • Jack Lee

    After looking at non bias reviews this Nokia phone is a winner (finally), camera tops any other camera phone out, yes Satio, yes Pixon, yes N82, yes X10. Great features and a solid beautiful design, dont let any uPhone fangirl or cry baby loser blogger like Eldar Murtazin tell you different. Would get it myself if it had a keyboard xP. Peace!