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Boox Store Storage Boxes Hide Your Mess – Make You Look Like An Intellectual

Boox Store Storage Boxes (Images courtesy Mocha)
By Andrew Liszewski

Well here’s a nice alternative to hiding your crap in Rubbermaid containers stashed away in a closet or crawlspace. These Boox Store boxes are made from high-quality cardboard and look like a set of books when sealed up and placed on their side. According to my research, books were a form of communication that existed before the iPad and Kindle that used words printed on sheets of paper to communicate knowledge or information, and I’m assuming by having these on your shelf or desk, you’ll not only look more organized, but intellectual as well. A set of 2 is available from Mocha for ~$14 (£8.99).

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  • Rob

    You could just grab a few of these off the shelving section at Big Lots!, too…