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Yes, Virginia, This Is Real – The Holiday Decorator’s Toolvest

Yes, Virginia, This Is Real – The Holiday Decorator’s Toolvest

The Holiday Decorator's Toolvest (Image courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer)
By Andrew Liszewski

Halloween’s still a week and a half away but I’m sure the residents of that ‘Christmas lights’ house in your neighborhood, you know the one, are already hard at work planning and decorating for this year’s festivities. And since there’s already vests designed for fishermen, photographers and other trades, why not one designed specifically for “holiday lighting professionals” as Hammacher Schlemmer politically refers to them. Obsessed also works.

The vest is adorned with pockets of all shapes and sizes, zippered and open, for holding tools, twist ties, bulb testers and whatever else a ‘lighting professional’ might need. But the real piece de resistance is the storage pack on the back which can hold up to 20 strings of lights, so you don’t need to keep climbing up and down a ladder to get another strand. But unless you’re making a living from doing this, or are desperate to outdo your neighbor, you might be hard pressed to justify the $79.95.

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  • SubHero

    A good sales pitch for this would be:
    This will definitely help you win the Christmas lighting competition against your local retired proctologist.

  • Eric de Jesus

    It's actually helpful if you think of it. You don't need to put scissors in your pocket, carry a bag of decoration while you're going up the ladder and have a hard time all over. If you have a vest like this one, it's actually easier to move around.
    But I don't know about the price. It's just a tad expensive for me.


    It looks a tad ridiculous to me – why not just have a toolbox? And for $80?! No, thankyou!

  • Hawaii Travel Packages

    perfect for “Lighting professional”