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Replace The Glass On Your iPhone 4 With Metal

Replace The Glass On Your iPhone 4 With Metal

By Chris Scott Barr

Not long ago I finally upgraded to the iPhone 4. It looks and feels great, but I do worry about the glass on the back. There have been plenty of people who have dropped their phone, only to have the back shatter (as opposed to the front, thankfully). The obvious solution is to use a case, which is probably a good idea anyway. But if you’re determined to carry around a bare phone, there is another way to keep the back from shattering.

The idea is to essentially replace the entire back of your phone with something other than glass. One company is offering a brushed metal cover, which will take the place of your phone’s glass. It does have a lens to cover both the camera and flash, so no worrying about exposing those. The best part is that the replacement is only $14. All you need to do is the labor of actually replacing the back.

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