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Scholastic Electronic Text Messengers

Scholastic Electronic Text Messengers

Scholastic Electronic Text Messengers (Image courtesy Amazon)By Andrew Liszewski

If your kids have been jonesing for a cellphone, but you’re not quite ready to deal with yet another monthly bill, these Electronic Text Messengers from Scholastic are kind of like walkie talkies for texting.

They have a wireless range of up to 600 feet and even work through walls so they’re not line-of-sight IR, and you can create a network of up to 24 of the handsets, though I’m not entirely sure if you can send a message to only a single device specifically. In the great tradition of Twitter, though taking things to a new extreme, the messengers can only send texts up to 40 characters in length, guaranteeing your kids will have to learn ‘text speak’ in order to squeeze as many ‘OMGs’ in there as they can.

A set of 2 is available from Amazon for just $16.99, no contract necessary.

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