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PANTONE CAPSURE Makes Color Matching A Bit Easier

PANTONE CAPSURE Makes Color Matching A Bit Easier

PANTONE CAPSURE (Image courtesy SlashGear)
By Andrew Liszewski

Sampling a color from a digital photo is as easy as using Photoshop’s eyedropper tool, which is a good analogy for PANTONE’s CAPSURE device, except that it works in the real world. Using three multi-directional sources of illumination, the sensor on the CAPSURE is able to eliminate shadows and other interference allowing you to use it on almost any surface, whether it’s flat and smooth like a photo, or textured like a piece of fabric. It can also grab a single color, or in the case of intricate patterns, it can actually extract the four most dominant colors.

Now ideally it would be awesome if the CAPSURE displayed HEX color values or the RGB numbers, but since it is a PANTONE product it will actually match the identified sample to one of 8,000 colors in the PANTONE library. It’s got a smidgen of on-board memory allowing you to store up to 100 captures with an included audio note so you can remember where it was samples, but it also syncs to your PC and Adobe’s suite of apps among others. $649 available directly from PANTONE.