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Netflix Streaming Goes Disc-less On Wii As Well

Netflix Streaming Goes Disc-less On Wii As Well

By Chris Scott Barr

Last week we were excited to tell you that you would soon be able to ditch your Netflix disc when streaming movies on your PS3. Yesterday, you were finally able to do that. What we didn’t expect was to find that Nintendo’s console was getting the same treatment. That’s right, pop out that red disc and throw it at someone, because you’re not going to need it anymore.

It seems that the exclusive deal inked by Microsoft back in 2008 has finally expired. The deal stated that Netflix wasn’t allowed to have installable apps on any other gaming console. Thus, they worked around it by shipping out special discs. Since you weren’t technically installing anything to the consoles themselves, Netflix you were still able to stream content without Microsoft’s deal being breached. Sneaky Neflix, very sneaky.

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