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Is It Just Me Or Does The Critter Gitter Make Hunting Seem A Bit Less Sporting?

Critter Gitter (Image courtesy Critter Gitters)
By Andrew Liszewski

I don’t know, I think I’d have a pretty hard time not rooting for the animals if I saw a bunch of ‘hunters’ heading out into the wild in one of these. It’s kind of like a mobile hunting blind, with 64-inch wheels powered by a 8.2L V8 engine, which is the perfect thing for sneaking up on a herd of timid deer. Optional accessories for these custom-made vehicles include built-in dog kennels, barb wire fencing for ‘user’ safety and 30-feet high scissor lifts. But for some reason they don’t offer a roof-mounted mini gun so you can just mow down a forest’s worth of prey in one pass. $340,000 for this particular monstrosity, according to Uncrate.

[ Critter Gitters ] VIA [ Uncrate ]

  • MikeDaDrummer

    It's a prototype for a Zombie Apocalypse Recon Vehicle.

  • MikeDaDrummer

    It's a prototype Zombie Apocalypse Recon Vehicle.

  • Resimleri