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Grip-Ez Plastic Knuckles For Your Smartphone

Grip-Ez Plastic Knuckles For Your Smartphone

Grip-Ez (Images courtesy Grip-Ez)
By Andrew Liszewski

The one thing the brick-sized cellphones of the 90’s had going for them was that they could easily survive a fall from a 100-storey building and inflict more damage on the sidewalk than they received. For some reason though, today certain manufacturers think that it’s wiser to cover the front and back of certain phones with glass… have we learned nothing from our past?

And this is where the Grip-Ez enters the picture. It looks like a pair of completely ineffective brass knuckles made out of plastic, but it’s actually designed to ‘3M’ to the back of your phone making it easier to grip, and harder to drop. The Grip-Ez folds down when not in use so your phone is still pocket-friendly, and they’re thankfully just $10 making them the next thing you’ll probably see cluttering up checkout counters.

[ Grip-Ez ] VIA [ Gear Diary ]


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