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Deal Of The Day: Dell Latitude E5510 Core i7 For $781.95

By David Ponce

Let me remind you that the Core i7 is a powerful quad-core CPU and that systems that include it are usually not that inexpensive. So when you’re looking at this E5510 Latitude from Dell, keep in mind that not only can you configure it with a Core i7 processor, but that if you do so at a price above $1,199 (in LogicBuy’s suggested config the total reaches $1,203), you will get a 35% coupon that takes that price all the way down to $781.95. That’s $421 in savings. For that price, you get “2GB DDR3 ram, a 15.6″ Anti-glare LED LCD, a 160GB Hard Drive, 802.11n WiFi, a 6-cell battery and Windows Vista”.

[ Dell Latitude E5510 Core i7 For $781.95 ] VIA [ LogicBuy ]