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Behold The Greatest Slot Car Track Of All Time – White Lake Formula One Ring

White Lake Formula One Ring (Image courtesy James-Michael Gregory Harlan)
By Andrew Liszewski

James-Michael Gregory Harlan, I tip my hat to you sir. It’s not uncommon to see elaborate model railroad displays and setups, but let’s face it, shunting trains and boxcars isn’t really that fun, no matter how impressive your miniature surroundings are. But slot cars? Well even a simple figure 8 track on a plywood and sawhorse table in an unfinished basement is more entertaining than model trains, but thankfully people like James-Michael dream bigger than that.

It’s not that surprising to hear that he works as an exhibit designer since his White Lake Formula One Ring looks like it belongs in a museum or a science center as part of an ‘awesome things you wish you had at home’ exhibit. The custom track design was actually routed on a CNC machine and the 1/32 scale course is 145 feet long with 19 Formula1 worthy turns. And with a setup like this at home, I’m pretty sure James-Michael doesn’t give a crap about how often Gran Turismo 5 has been delayed.

[ White Lake Formula One Ring ] VIA [ Autoblog ]