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Infrared Air Guitar Pro

Infrared Air Guitar Pro

Infrared Air Guitar Pro (Images courtesy ishareGifts)
By Andrew Liszewski

You’re probably thinking “oh no! what’s this? another crappy sounding, cheap looking fake guitar?” and for the most part you’re pretty much bang on. But what the Air Guitar Pro has going for it when compared to other cheap fake guitars is that it forgoes a body and strings in lieu of using an infrared beam to detect when you’re strumming. So while your living room might be overflowing with Guitar Hero and Rock Band accessories, this thing can be tossed in a drawer when you get tired of it after 3 minutes.

Surprisingly for just $10.99 it’s got 7 buttons on the neck for playing chords, buttons for playing sharps, minors etc. and even a built-in tilt sensor that lets you change the sound just by moving it around. Now I can’t speak for how well it works, but based on the video below it actually doesn’t sound horrifically terrible.

[ Infrared Air Guitar Pro ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]