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WaterField Designs iPad Wallet Makes Space For Your Wireless Keyboard

WaterField Designs iPad Wallet (Images courtesy WaterField Designs)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve used the iPad for a couple of press events now and while it’s adequate as long as you don’t need to process any photography, bringing along a wireless keyboard is a must for any kind of serious note-taking. And if you’ve sprung for an iPad and need a wireless keyboard, there’s a good chance you’ve also ponied up for Apple’s own aluminum Bluetooth model. There’s also a good chance you’re still looking for a case, and WaterField Design’s new iPad Wallet could be just the thing if you need to carry your entire iPad ‘kit’.

It’s got padded scratch-free pockets for holding your iPad and charging/sync cables, and an offset pocket for your wireless keyboard so that the battery compartment sticking out of the bottom slides alongside the iPad, not on top of it. Of course you’re welcome to use the case with any wireless keyboard as long as it fits, but like I already said, Apple’s own offerings already go well together so there are probably a lot of users with the same combo. The iPad Wallet is available in 6 colors with distressed leather trim for $79, plus optional accessories like straps and d-rings so you can also use it as an over-the-shoulder bag.

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