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Dyson’s Groom Brush

Dyson’s Groom Brush

Dyson's Dog Grooming Brush (Images courtesy Dyson Japan)
By Andrew Liszewski

Dyson’s vacuums, particularly their animal-specific models, do a great job at picking up pet hair, but they’re all really a passive solution to the problem. In Japan however, the company now sells this new Groom Brush accessory that can be used to pro-actively remove hair from your pet before it’s shed. It works just like your standard wire pet brush, but the teeth can retract when you’re finished causing any hair that has collected on them to be sucked into the vacuum. As a result it looks like it can be used when the vacuum is off in case you happen to have a pet who’s not so keen on them, though it probably works best when the Dyson is running while you’re brushing. ~$90 (¥7,350) when purchased as an accessory, but I’m going to assume they offer it bundled with their animal-specific vacs as well.

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