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LEGO Camera Dollies Make Documenting Your Creations Almost As Fun As Building Them

LEGO Technic Camera Dollies (Images courtesy Peer Kreuger)
By Andrew Liszewski

Half the fun of building a custom LEGO creation is sharing it with others, and while most people settle for photographing their models on a homebrew white sweep, Peer Kreuger’s creations are often most impressive when moving and driving so filming them in motion is a must. As a result he’s created some brilliant miniature dollies from LEGO Technic allowing him to follow and track his vehicles while they’re being remotely driven. It might seem crazy and a little excessive at first, but once you see the videos I bet you’ll get just as excited about filming your LEGO models as you might be about building them.

[ Peer Kreuger’s Flickr Photostream ] VIA [ Make ]