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Giant LEGO Brick Storage Containers

Giant LEGO Brick Storage Containers (Image courtesy A Place For Everything)
By Andrew Liszewski

Goodbye Rubbermaid! Your containers have served me well over the years as a catch-all place to store miscellaneous crap, but there’s no way you can compete with these LEGO brick plastic storage containers. Available in medium (~$27) and large (~$41) capacities from A Place For Everything they’re an officially licensed LEGO product for STORE, and like the regular sized versions, can be stacked and assembled into gigantic creations. I mean seriously, who will ever need to buy shelves, dressers or even a bed again when they can just build their own from giant LEGO bricks?

And in case you were wondering, yes, that giant disembodied LEGO minifig head is also available as a storage container for ~$32.

[ A Place For Everything – Giant LEGO Brick Storage Box ] VIA [ smissmiss ]

  • Brian Lotze

    Now I have a place to store my collection of Legos – or build walls in the basement