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Watch Diary Improves Your Moleskine With A Built-in Clock

Watch Diary Improves Your Moleskine With A Built-in Clock

Watch Diary (Image courtesy Connect Design)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m as dependent on my smartphone as the next guy who lives and breathes gadgets, but I still keep a Moleskine in reach at all times for jotting notes and to-do lists. But mostly they do calendar/day planner duty since I’ve yet to successfully migrate to an electronic solution. (Trying as far back as the Handspring Visor.) So I must admit I’m rather enthralled by this Watch Diary designed by Wonjune Song. For the most part it’s just a Moleskine ripoff, except for the handy and stylish analog clock sitting smack dab in the middle that’s visible no matter what page you’re on.

Watch Diary (Images courtesy Connect Design)

And yes, I’m a firm believer that watches are pretty much obsolete these days except as a fashion accessory, but the Watch Diary manages to cleverly integrate it into each page layout. Instead of seeing your appointments laid out in a list, you actually fill them in around the clock so the red hand ends up reminding you of what you should currently be doing. Order one here in orange, ivory, white or black for $17.99.

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