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Putty Monsters – Or – How To Make A Small Fortune By Repackaging Slime With Two Plastic Eyeballs

Putty Monsters (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

While they probably won’t sell as well as the Pet Rock did many years ago, these Putty Monsters are yet another ridiculously simple idea that will probably end up making a small fortune. Slime’s popularity has come and gone over the years, mostly directly related to other pop-culture fads like Double Dare or Ghostbusters, but recently we’ve seen it enjoying a bit of a comeback thanks to some clever gimmicks. First it was the Magnetic Thinking Putty from a few months ago, and now it’s these Putty Monsters which are really nothing more than just slime in a can but with added personality thanks to a couple of plastic eyeballs. In fact I’d be tempted to scoff at the ~$16 price tag were it not for that pink monster staring so angrily at me. I’ll take 10!

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  • Rob

    So what keeps the eyeballs in place, or do they just fall out as you play with the slime?