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‘Time Paper’ Clock Posters Make It Easy To Redecorate

‘Time Paper’ Clock Posters Make It Easy To Redecorate

Time Paper Clock Posters (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Wall clocks are pretty much just a decorative item these days, and these ‘Time Paper’ poster clocks make frequent redecorating easy and guilt-free. They’re quite literally just composed of a poster printed with a clock face design and a simple clock mechanism hidden behind it. When you get sick of the design you just rip down the poster and recycle it, and then throw up a new poster with a handful of thumb tacks. It’s just too bad they range in price from ~$63 (¥5,250) up to ~$88 (¥7,350) from

[ Time Paper Clock Posters ] VIA [ Design Blog :: SPGRA ]

  • Mauro Barotto

    Or you could buy a clock mechanism for $5 and just do it yourself, instead of spending $70 on it O.o