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Buoyancy Bazooka Saves Lives From 150 Meters Away

Buoyancy Bazooka Saves Lives From 150 Meters Away

By Chris Scott Barr

Rescuing someone that is at risk of drowning is serious business. It’s not at all as glamorous as Baywatch would have us think, especially if the person has fallen overboard from a large vessel. So what happens when someone does fall into the water? Usually someone throws out some sort of floatation device. Unfortunately if the person is too far away, they’ll never reach the lifesaver. This is where the Buoyancy Bazooka comes into play.

This conceptual device recently won the James Dyson Award for design. What does it do, exactly? It launches a life ring up to 150 meters away. The ring comes in the form of a very large bullet, and expands to a semi-circle upon hitting the water. Just be sure not to actually hit the person you’re trying to save. They can’t latch onto it if they’ve been knocked out cold.

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