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Holo-Paint App Lets You Create Your Own 3D Floating Text Long Exposure Photos

Holo-Paint App Lets You Create Your Own 3D Floating Text Long Exposure Photos

Making Future Magic (Images courtesy Dentsu London)
By Andrew Liszewski

Remember the ‘Making Future Magic‘ video (I’ve included it below to refresh your memory) that was making the rounds a few weeks ago? It was a collaboration between Dentsu London and BERG London that resulted in what appeared to be floating 3D text holograms created by taking long exposure photographs of a special animation played back on an iPad. Understanding how it worked wasn’t that difficult, but creating the 3D animation needed to pull it off was a bit tricky, particularly for someone not familiar with the software.

But thankfully there’s now an app for that too! Holo-Paint is now available from the iTunes App Store for just a buck, and lets you easily create the necessary animations to spell out any piece of text in 3D. The long exposure photography is still up to you though.

Holo-Paint (Images courtesy Garry Somerville)

The app lets you see the text as a live preview while you adjust settings like letter depth, letter angle, frame rate, color, font, smoothness and size, and you can store an unlimited number of creations, well limited to your iPhone or iPad’s available memory that is. The app seems pretty robust actually and the results aren’t that far off from what was seen in that original video. So bring on the Flickr galleries!

[ Holo-Paint ] VIA [ Cult of Mac ]