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Deal Of The Day: $30 Coupon On Canon PowerShot G11 10-MP Digital Camera

By David Ponce

On this, the first Tuesday in October, let’s leave the land of PCs and monitors for a little bit and explore an instrument that allows us to get images onto said monitors. The one year-old Canon PowerShot G11 10-MP camera is described thusly by DigitalCameraReview:

The G11 is a wonderful combination of a lens with very good optical performance, good auto focus and shutter performance, and lowered resolution on the same physical-sized sensor that produces excellent noise performance for a compact digital. Image quality from the G11 is the best overall of any compact digital I’ve ever reviewed – at 100% enlargements the images are quite clean. [However] the viewfinder is poor for image composition due to its inaccuracy (77% coverage), but that’s about the end of the gripes for this camera.

Now you can get a $30 coupon from LogicBuy and have the camera delivered to you for $419. Clickety links are below.

[ $30 Coupon On Canon PowerShot G11 10-MP Digital Camera ] VIA [ LogicBuy ]